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Sexy Latino Gets Fucked Hard and Raw

Well, let me introduce you to my new favorite porn stars. (after my man of course..). Meet, Derek Parker and Armond Rizzo. Armond is the hottie with the big bubble ass, who gets it worked over by Derek.
They start off sexy and it gets dirty and rough very quick.


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Big Dick Friday – Thug Style

Happy Big Dick Friday!! You know you have that Doctor fantasy sometimes. Where you go in for a physical and BAM … it takes a turn in the right direction.
Well, this straight thug from JockPhysical had one of those physicals.
click on the pick to see



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Big Dick Friday – Meet Cockzilla!

Well well well, let me introduce you to Cockzilla. I have to say, I’m kinda digging the name. and of course his giant 12 inch piece of uncut meat.

Cockenstein vs Cockzilla??

You know I’d be down for the contest! Damm, how do you warm your ass up for a cock that big?

Click and enjoy the biggest dick I’ve posted in a few days.

and have an amazing weekend!!! 

[gallery ids="10396,10394,10393,10391,10392,10390,10388,10387,10385,10384,10383"]
[pro-player width='450' height='302' type='video']http://thwcontent.com/samples/s_5_ricky%27s%20monster%20cock.mp4[/pro-player]


Tired of the Fashion? How Bout Some Ass?

Just a little something to look at during a commercial. Or something to look at instead.
and who doesn’t love a lil ass?

big bubble butt


ass in the air

lying on bed

smooth white bottom

tan ass

hot ass

big ass

hot ass

bubble butt

hot ass



Southern Boys Flip Fuck

Trevor and Genesis are two hot guys who like to fuck! So much so, they both couldn’t wait to top the other and bottom for the other!

Looks like it worked out just fine.


[gallery order="DESC"] [pro-player width='450' height='253' type='video']http://cockenstein.com/wpblog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Genesis_Trevor_Tease.flv[/pro-player]

see more of this hottie at SouthernStrokes.com

hot gay for pay southern boys



Straight Boy Carter Wants You to Look at His Muscles, Then His Cock!

This is Carter, he’s a straight Southern, muscled, 23 year old who enjoys a good workout! First he shows off his legs. Once I wiped my drool, I then proceeded to see the rest of the goods!! and GOODS they are!
Something tells me he’ll be letting some guy feel those muscles soon.

click on the pic to see the rest of the beef!!!!!
see more of these hotties at SouthernStrokes.com

Southern strokes carter



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Big Dick Friday – Could you deepthroat that?

I know you’re all clearing your throats to prove you could take this thing all the way down!

He’s Chilean and HUNG!!   need I say more?

Click for the whole thing.
Let me know what you think.

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Blowin on Big Dick Friday

Happy Big Dick Friday!!! I’ll have a couple posts today, but just to get you warmed up…how bout a big dick in your mouth!??



Doesn’t that make you wanna go out and pop one in your mouth.
SQUIRT.ORG – Your next hookup is closer than you think.



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Big Dick Friday returns! Full video – 11 inches

Happy Big Dick Friday boys!!  Let’s get back to business and look at some BIG DICKS!

All I gotta say is DAMN!!!  and this dude takes it like a rockstar!

click on the pic for the full video!


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Hotties…showin off

How bout just some fucking hot ass guys showing off their hot ass goods!!!    Some with some big asses, some with some big dicks, some with some nice tans, some with some deep throats!!! 

these guys are some of the latest from our friends at BadPuppy.com

and make sure you go check out the new VIDEO page above.  http://blog.cockenstein.com/?page_id=8140 

new videos updated regularly!!!!!


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