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MMMM I’ll Play With These Athletes Balls!!

I’m a sucker for a jockstrap, especially when it’s on some sexy athlete. Some UnderArmour, or some tight pants on a tight body showing off some big thick calves.


So, because it’s Sunday and I’m watching football, I thought I’d share a nice selection of sports pics.

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Some Solo action – full videos

I haven’t posted some solo guys doing there thing in a while.  So guess what I’m posting today!?!?!

Three videos…Couple of hot muscly twinks kicking back on cam and jerking off!  and a ridiculous cum shot that made my mouth water!  I caught myself sitting with my mouth open as it shot and shot and shot!

Click on the pic below to see them.

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Rain makes me WET!

It’s Raining over here in So Cal today.  So …to get everyone in the same mood I am in…let’s get wet!

OK…maybe not me, but these guys!!   And although, it’s not necessarily the rain getting them wet.   It’s more just water…from a shower, from a pool, etc.

Either way…they’re wet and they’re HOT!!!!!

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John Cockenstein

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