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Latin hottie…on the beach…naked.

This is Paolo….and I can’t tell which I like more…his long uncut COCK, or that big round, “I’ve played soccer all my life” bubble butt. 

I guess I could handle both!!   As long as he comes over in those hot black shorts!


click on the pic for MORE!!!!!

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Another Alexis sighting….and he’s naked again!

You may remember Sexy ass latin boy Alexis from a couple previous posts. 

 Well, I’ve come across some more pics of him, so I thought I’d share!!   I can’t stop looking at this guy…the HOT ASS, the cute little UNCUT COCK…

I’ll let you see for yourself…


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I’m shy…but check out my COCK!

This is Adam.  He’s a little on the shy side…but he doesn’t seem to have any problem taking off his clothes…showing a little peek of that hot little ass….and a little peek of his nanly little twink bush!

He’s just doing the usual…spending a quality day by the lake…just like our friend Alexis
( http://blog.cockenstein.com/?p=441 )


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Twinky dink time

I know you’re all dying for some hot twinks on here. So guess what I have. A hot little Euro Twink…just the way you like your hot little Euro Twinks.  Cute, smooth, uncut, and kinda dopey looking.

But of course you just want to eat him up!!!

And with an ass like this one, how could you resist????

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Boystorm has lots of HOTHOTHOT Twinks yum…


He flashes…then walks away….

Here’s Franco.  Cute little guy….with a cute little butt…and some HOT ASS LIPS!   He likes…um…quiet days on the lake?  getting naked when no ones around?  showing off his thick UNCUT PIECE OF MEAT!   and snowflakes.

I like those things too!

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there’s more Franco here at boystorm


He likes getting pounded!!!

Werlon likes to hang out by the beach, take off his clothes, and get pounded by dudes…and waves.  We think he survived.

what a nice little body he has too.  lips…biceps…COCK!  (cant forget that part)




Sunbathing naked…mmmmm!

When I’m horny…I like to run to the lake…get naked…and jerk off.  Don’t you? 

How cute is Alexis…sunbathing…naked?  And that ASS…wow!  one post just wasn’t enough, so I thought I’d do one more.

I think he needs some lotion….


click on the pics for larger ones and then CLICK again for an even BIGGER SHOT OF THAT ASS




His latin ass is MUY GRANDE!!!!

Today we’re going a little younger, a little more latin, and just as HOT! mmmm twinkies.

This is Alexis …young…gorgeous body…and that ass!! MUY GRANDE Y DELICIOSO!!! (I thought I’d throw some spanish in too).

Alexis likes tetherball and walking on rocks barefoot. You see how much you can learn about people by just looking at a couple photos.